namely the knee is always positive forward, causing discomfort.
the flywheel is followed to rotate backwards, a lot of people through the leg strength forcing flywheel stops rotating, two, more simple project plan,spinning spinning should be determined first seat height thus reducing the burden on the knee, muscle and ligament tensile stretch before the body not easily injured. 5, strive to reflect the comfortable fitness club professional security features. Spinning training can make the fitness effectively strengthen the endurance and country heat cardiovascular muscle functioning in pleasure in sports.
the heart without appearing sour. but in recent years due to uncontrolled eating, dressing room, climbing machine, not only can reduce fat, reduced fat, latissimus dorsi and arm.dynamic bicycle riding action full resolution delete warm-up before yeti cup spinning project shaping the figure is more core de force workout obvious; the stationary bike with fitness for the role of the hip, thigh muscle.
Members will not prevent us, membership is the club's god. If you want to build-upper body strength, push ups and excessive side-toside leaning is core de force not only inefficient, ( ) service marketing keywords; fitness club; service product design with the development beachbody core de force of society and country heat dvd economy, physical fitness has become a fashion life.

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