undefined behavior指令检测指编译器编译时即插入某些指令来检测程序的怪异行为.





O - different kinds of overflows
E - negation overflow, division overflow, division by zero.
A - misaligned memory access.
I - load from/store to an object with insufficient space.
N - null argument declared with nonnull attribute,
    returned null from function which never returns null, null ptr dereference.
V - variable size array with non-positive length
B - out-of-bounds memory accesses.
S - shifting out-of-bounds.
L - load of invalid value (value out of range for the enum type, loading other then 0/1 to bool type)
F - call to function through pointer with incorrect function type(gcc还不支持)

要求gcc 4.9以上

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asked 31 Oct '14, 20:19

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